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BC Startup Sales Podcast - Marketing Operations with Chris Toy (MarketerHire)

December 11, 2020
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This week we had Chris Toy, Co-Founder and CEO at MarketerHire, join us on the Bowery podcast to talk about “Marketing Operations.”

Here are some of the main questions and ideas we discussed in the podcast:

1. Let’s unpack that a bit as it sounds like ‘marketing ops’ changes quite a bit over the company lifecycle. Give us a snapshot - what’s it look like at an early stage startup just getting started, a mid-stage startup (say Series B) and then a more mature company?

2. We’ll focus on early-to-mid-stage startups for most of our chat today. Where should companies start as they think about Marketing Ops, what are the main buckets or steps they’ll need to tackle? I’m especially interested in the order of operations here given it seems like there’s a lot to tackle.

3. Let's dig deeper into each of those steps. How can startups action this?

4. What should founders listening absolutely not outsource and make sure they do internally, vs. which pieces do you think are better suited to leverage freelancers/consultants to help plug the gaps?

5. As companies grow, who ends up owning Marketing Ops and being responsible for it?

6. Any final thoughts, tips, or tricks?

Big thank you to Chris for coming on the podcast and sharing his insights with us!

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