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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Prospecting Using Video with Morgan Ingram (JB Sales)

October 30, 2020
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This week we had Morgan Ingram, Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JB Sales, join us on the Bowery podcast to talk about “Prospecting Using Video.”

Here are some of the main questions and ideas we discussed in the podcast:

1. What are we talking about when we say prospecting using video and why should sales reps or founders listening care about it?

2. Why hasn’t video caught on the same way as other channels and is that what makes it such a compelling tool because it allows reps to, as you like to say, cut through the noise?

3. How should sales reps think about how video fits into their broader prospecting/outreach strategy?

4. When should sales reps incorporate video into their prospecting and outreach? Are there particular ICPs/buyer personas that this medium works particularly well with, or a particular step in someone’s outreach cadence?

5. Walk us through your tips for actually creating and sending a personalized video to a prospect.

6. How do you measure success/how to know if it’s working?

7. Do you have any tips for early-stage folks when it comes to leveraging video efficiently in their outreach?

8. Favorite tools/softwares to use for video?

9. Common mistakes people make when it comes to using video in their prospecting?

10. Any final thoughts, tips or tricks for folks to summarize?

Big thank you to Morgan for coming on the podcast and sharing his insights with us!

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Morgan is a Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JB Sales, focusing on delivering training to sales development teams to enhance their skillsets and performance. In his previous role, Morgan was the Sales Development Manager at Terminus where he managed a team of 13 SDRs to help B2B marketers do account-based marketing at scale. Morgan joined Terminus in early 2016 and helped scale the company to become the fastest growing startup in Atlanta. In addition to his role at JB Sales, Morgan produces his own YouTube series, The SDR Chronicles, with more than 100 videos providing SDRs with motivation, advice and tactics. Morgan has been named one of the “Top 50 Sales Leaders to Follow” by LinkedIn, and a “Top 25 Sales Development Thought Leader” by Inside Sales. Morgan’s work has been featured in Forbes, Sales Hacker, the Hubspot blog, and the Harvard Business Review.

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