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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Startup Sales Hiring: Potential Over Pedigree with Jessica Barrett (pymetrics)

July 31, 2020
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This week we had Jessica Barrett, Managing Director, North America Sales at pymetrics, join us on the Bowery podcast to talk about “Startup Sales Hiring: Potential Over Pedigree.”

Here are some of the main questions and ideas we discussed in the podcast:

1. Jessica’s journey from IC to sales leader and navigating her career at a high-growth startup

2. What do we mean by “potential over pedigree” and why is hiring primarily based on someone’s experience and previous company not always a good idea?

3. How did Jessica apply this methodology when building the initial BD/Sales team at pymetrics and what were some of the best practices she used to build out a thorough hiring process?

4. How do you create the right balance in the startup sales hiring process between someone’s experiences and previous roles with their adaptability to learn and grow into their overall potential?

5. When does hiring potential over pedigree not hold true – certain roles, levels of seniority, stages of company growth? Does it depend on whether you’re looking to hire a general “athlete” or a more specialized role?

6. What are some common mistakes startups make when going about their sales hiring and how can they avoid them?

Big thank you to Jessica for coming on the podcast and sharing her insights with us!

Startup sales hiringJessica Barrett is the Managing Director of North America Sales at pymetrics, where she leads a team of Enterprise Account Directors and manages some of pymetrics’ most strategic global clients. As pymetrics’ first BD/Sales hire, Jessica led initial efforts to establish the BD/Sales team, GTM strategy, and operations, as well as landed many of the company’s first enterprise deals with global F500 organizations. Prior to pymetrics, Jessica was an Associate at JPMorgan working closely with various executives across the Private Bank and Asset Management businesses.

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