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A Look Back At Our Top Podcasts Of 2019

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Michael Brown | February 28, 2020

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Over the past six years we have had over 150 episodes of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast. Each year, we put out the top podcasts of the year using a mix of listener feedback as well as the raw data from our podcast hosting provider. What were the top podcasts of 2019? Check out this compilation of our top 3 episodes below.

1. Building Your Early, Post-Seed Sales Machine with Brandon Gracey (GasLight Solutions). Listen here. Brandon Gracey, Principal at GasLight Solutions, came on to the show to share some best practices and common pitfalls for building your sales team after a Seed round of funding. In addition to helping early stage startups accelerate growth in his current role, he has previously helped grow the sales teams at Handshake, StreetDelivery, and Alice Financial. Brandon walked listeners through how to dissect previous sales to understand where the sales process is failing, and how sales managers should think about defining the funnel and ICP through a realistic lens. If you just raised a seed round this podcast is for you.

2. Scaling Sales Teams Quickly As You Go Global with Rich Liu (TripActions). Listen here. Rich Liu, CRO at TripActions, discussed scaling sales teams globally and the importance of doing it for the right reasons. Expanding beyond HQ isn’t always necessary, especially if you can sell the product and connect with customers remotely. Rich emphasized the importance of maintaining a consistent culture when doing so, by leveraging your network to find the right growth-oriented and culturally-aligned leadership team. He advised giving your employees autonomy to grow the business, as well as plenty of other tips for achieving global scale. If you are in growth mode and thinking hard about sales operations and global expansion this podcast is for you.

3. Transforming Your QBR Process with Karen Rhorer (Atrium). Listen here. Karen Rhorer, Customer Success & Sales Strategy Lead at Atrium, shared secrets to a more effective QBR and the steps founders should take to transform their existing QBR processes. She included learnings from her previous sales operations work at LinkedIn Learning and DoubleDutch, and noted that culture and team play an important role in the QBR process. For any founder interested in ways to upgrade your QBR process, this episode is a must listen.

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