Diversity In Entrepreneurship: Kate DeWald (Oncue)

The Bowery Capital Team explores diversity in entrepreneurship. Throughout this blog series we will discuss with Founder/CEOs in our portfolio the impact diversity has had on their startups and careers. This week, Kate DeWald, Founder & CEO of Oncue joins us to share more about her experience.

February 5, 2021 Read More

Diversity in Entrepreneurship: Blog Series Intro

The topic of diversity continues to be top of mind for us at Bowery. Firmwide, we’ve tried to keep ourselves honest by being transparent about the gender composition of our team, advisors, and major event speakers. But diversity is so much more than gender. If…

November 16, 2020 Read More

Interviewing In The Time Of COVID-19

The last month and half has been quite the rollercoaster. Based on the rising number of unemployment claims in the US week over week, it’s fair to say that we don’t know when we’ll be returning to what we’ve deemed as normalcy or even what…

June 30, 2020 Read More

Announcing our 2020 Bowery Capital Fellows!

This month we kicked off year 4 of the Bowery Capital Fellowship. We’re excited to announce our 2020 Bowery Capital Fellows: Novi Zhukovsky (Dartmouth University), Hyung Song (University of California, Berkeley), Aryan Malesha (University of Michigan), and Lucy Jeffs (University of Chicago). Kicking off a…

June 30, 2020 Read More