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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Social Selling Best Practices with Jon Ferrara (Nimble)

April 09, 2020
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Jon FerraraJon Ferrara from Nimble, joined us in the Bowery Capital studio this week to discuss “using social selling to drive revenue”. Jon defines social selling as utilizing all social channels to engage the community around the business. The current problem is that sales are becoming more and more driven by social communities and most founders don’t have an efficient way of managing/connecting via social channels. Only a small fraction of the businesses are practicing correct social selling methods. Most companies are focused solely on talking about themselves; by doing this, they fail to create a strong community brand and miss out on opportunities to establish themselves as a strong thought leader. This podcast discusses methods to efficiently build your startup’s identity on social media, how to engage communities by providing inspirational content, what tools to use to best engage your audience, and how to turn social engagements into long-time relationships/referrals to drive revenue.

Jon is the founder and CEO of Nimble. Nimble offers high-end CRM systems with a heavy emphasis on utilizing social media tools and relationship management software to provide effective communications between the company and its contacts. Jon is a true expert in the relationship management industry and successfully drives Nimble based off of his 25+ years of experience with relationship management software. Prior to Nimble, he founded GoldMine Software, a CRM software package that pioneered contact communication at its time and FrontRange Solutions, an IT Service Management and HelpDesk software company.

Jon has seen the CRM industry grow and adapt for over 25 years and offers fundamental principles to help businesses of all types successfully connect with the communities around them. So whether you are a founder/salesperson of a software company or a retail shop, our episode on social selling today should give you a strong understanding of how to best drive your sales through social channels. Give it a listen now!

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