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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Humanizing Data with Cezary Pietrzak (Cezary & Co)

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Michael Brown

March 30, 2020
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Humanizing DataThis week we had my good friend Cezary Pietrzak into Bowery Capital for the fifth edition of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast. We chose a fascinating topic that Cezary has had a ton of experience around that we loosely called “Humanizing Data”. Cezary has been a consultant to companies like Google and Y&R on the larger side and Appboy and DigitalOcean on the start-up side, and has also started his own company, Wanderfly (acquired by TripAdvisor). Time and time again he found sales and marketing teams knee deep in data without an understanding of the macro picture or an understanding of how to humanize the data. As a result he started to develop a high level thesis and framework to help SaaS companies think more about the human side of the data as it related to customers, partners, stakeholders, and anyone that interacts with a company.

In our podcast Cezary takes the listener through the high level framework of humanizing data and how he came upon the thinking and then we dive into specific examples of how companies use this thinking today. We cover specific SaaS examples and showcase how complimenting heavy analysis with some higher level understanding helps really target root issues and develop both practical and quantitative solutions. Cezary also talks about specific examples where the data can sometimes get you stuck and how humanizing data can pull you out of the weeds and help solve problems. Overall a really fascinating topic and one that I think many companies don’t think enough about. For those that are in need feel free to reach out to Cezary and he is happy to walk you through more details. The full transcript can be found below if you want to read. Give a listen and we hope you enjoy this one!

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