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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Making The Most Of SaaS Trials with Will Batson (ClearSlide)

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Michael Brown

March 30, 2020
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SaaS TrialsWe had a great chat today with Will Batson who formally was with ClearSlide when we interviewed him for the inaugural edition of something new we are trying here called the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast. The topic of our discussion primarily focused around making the most of SaaS trials and Will knows a thing or two about the topic having joined ClearSlide back in 2010 as their first sales hire when the busines had 2-3 customers. With thousands of customers today, $90MM+ in capital raised, and a ton of lessons learned. Will was kind enough to share his expertise with an eye towards helping emerging companies think about SaaS trials.

In our podcast Will talks about a number of topics including how to build “brand trust” early on to get a lead to trial your product, trial length versus value exchanged, how to deal with “trial fatigue” and force conversion to sign-up, when should your company not engage in trials, and finally how to get a trial customer to be your biggest evangelist. The full transcript can be found here if you want to read. Give a listen and we hope you enjoy!

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