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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Must-Have CRM Fields For Data-Driven Sales Teams with Joe Caprio (InsightSquared)

April 08, 2020
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CRM FieldsJoe Caprio of InsightSquared joined us in the studio this week to record another episode of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast: “Must-Have CRM Fields For Data-Driven Sales Teams.” There are certain data points every sales team knows to track from day one, whether you use Salesforce, Zoho, Sugar, Insightly or even if you don’t have a CRM yet: accounts, deal sizes, owner, etc. But there are a range of other less well-known data points that data-driven sales teams have found to be useful in optimizing their sales funnels. Whether your goal is measuring the quality of your leads on likelihood to convert, understanding what your ideal customer profile looks like, or streamlining your inside sales outreach process, it’s important to track the right data early on; you can’t fix something properly if you don’t know why it’s broken.

Here at Bowery Capital, we work with our founders closely to implement the right sales infrastructure from the ground up. We know that while no founder wants to overburden his or her salespeople or fall prey to CRM field creep, failing to track the right data can leave you in the lurch at a critical time. As a CEO or head of sales, you don’t want to be searching for answers as to how your sales machine works a month before your next raise. As basic as it seems, investing the appropriate amount of time into building a data-driven sales team that values the right CRM fields is invaluable.

Joe’s background is perfectly suited to explaining exactly how key CRM fields can make a difference in a sales org. Currently Director of Sales at InsightSquared, he joined as employee #12 nearly 3 years ago, and has overseen the growth of the company’s sales team to approximately 50 people. At 120 employees overall, InsightSquared has now built an excellent reputation in the market as a leading provider of sales analytics with Fred Shilmover—a consummate data maven himself—at the helm. So Joe knows the importance of CRM fields better than nearly anyone, managing a well-oiled and quantitative sales team while solving that same data pain point for enterprise sales orgs through InsightSquared’s product.

In our podcast today, Joe walks us through the top 6 CRM fields that he feels have really allowed his org to streamline its sales funnel, highlighting a few that are less commonplace. We discuss why—if they aren’t already—your sales team should be tracking these CRM fields today:

– Lead Source

– Loss Reason

– Number of Attempts

– Contact Roles

– Primary Use Case

– Campaign

We’ll discuss the value of each, how each is used effectively, and the impact that each has had in Joe’s experience at InsightSquared. Hopefully you’ll find Joe’s insights as useful as we did. If you haven’t checked out the full podcast yet, we hope you’ll do so by heading over to the Bowery Capital blog. If you’re considering CRMs or generally interested in the topic of sales tools, I’d also encourage you to check out the Bowery Capital Guide to Startup Sales Tools, as well as another recent podcast we recorded on the topic, Building Your Sales Automation Stack with Chris Flores of Namely. Until next time!

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