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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Navigating the C-Suite with Jake Dunlap (Skaled)

April 08, 2020
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2d8d7d1 (1)Jake Dunlap, Founder and CEO of Skaled (formerly Chartbeat & Glassdoor), joined me in the studio for this weeks Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast! This week we discuss what could be considered the most fundamental skill of a quality enterprise sales person, finding the right person to speak to and actually getting that person on the phone. Navigating through the C-Suite can be daunting at first but this week we have Jake, who is an expert in the cold-call/email and has worked with dozens of enterprise startups helping them hone their prospecting into a replicable sales process.

We talk about keywords to look in a LinkedIn profile to determine if someone is more or less likely to adopt new technology as well what you can learn from taking a step back and looking at the org-structure of the entire team. Once you’ve located the right person within an organization it’s critical to be able to get them on the phone and we discuss a number of tips and tricks you can use to create interest from your target. How do you get an executive’s assistant to work for you and what you should do if you can’t. If you and your team are selling into the C-level (C-Suite) at large enterprises then this is a must listen. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think on iTunes.

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