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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Perfecting Your Sales Script with Ryan Denehy (Groupon)

April 09, 2020
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perfecting your sales script

Ryan Denehy from Groupon joined us in the studio this week to discuss strategies around “Perfecting Your Sales Script.” A company’s sales pitch is going to evolve as its product and company grows, but it is one of the first things you should put in place before you start to scale your sales team. Without a defined sales pitch, it is incredibly hard to debug where your losing opportunities or coach underperforming members of your sales team.

In our podcast this week, we get into the weeds on how to take your initial pitch and turn it into a defined sales script. If you think you have a script, but you don’t have it written down anywhere, then now is the time to put the pen to paper. Perfecting the pitch is a science and each word should be carefully selected for maximum effect.

Ryan, currently at Groupon, perfected the art of the sales script while founding Swarm Mobile, a retail analytics startup that helps small businesses better understand their customers and their actions. He has refined his approach while working on operations and strategy at Groupon. If you are an early sales hire figuring out the most effective way to sell your product, this podcast is for you. Give it a listen below.

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