BC Startup Sales Podcast – Scaling Sales w/ SDRs with Sam Jacobs (Axial) & Bryan Rutcofsky (Yext)

BC Startup Sales Podcast – Scaling Sales w/ SDRs with Sam Jacobs (Axial) & Bryan Rutcofsky (Yext)

March 30, 2020

SDRsThis week we had Sam Jacobs formerly from Axial and Bryan Rutcofsky formerly from Yext when we interviewed them for the fourth edition the Startup Sales Podcast. It was my first time coming onto the podcast and we really enjoyed the discussion. The topic of our discussion focused around “Scaling Sales with SDRs” and how to build a large sales team by utilizing sales development reps and their lifecycle from SDR to Account Executive and Beyond. Sam and Bryan have both been with their respective companies from the very early days and have learned from failures and successes what makes a good SDR and how to get the best results from these hires. They’ve trained hundreds of early sales employees in the art of selling and individually closed much of the early business at Axial and Yext. Overall, they know what they are talking about on the topic and understand how to grow these teams in any situation.

In our podcast Sam and Bryan talk to listeners about a number of high level elements associated with hiring SDRs. In today’s startup environment it’s extremely difficult to find quality sales talent and just as difficult to retain it. Sam and Bryan discuss their perfect SDR profile, how they go about training young sales teams, and how they encourage their teams to perform well at their job day in and day out. Following a high level discussion Sam and Bryan each reveal their most valuable tip on how to succeed as a startup sales person who’s just getting into the game. This was our first edition of the podcast having two guest and we are always curious to hear your thoughts. Give a listen and we hope you enjoy this version of the podcast!

The full transcript can be found here.

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