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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Beyond Individual Contribution: Learning As A Sales Team with Conner Burt (Lessonly)

April 23, 2020
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Beyond Individual Contribution: Learning As A Sales TeamThis week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Conner Burt, COO of Lessonly, to discuss “Beyond Individual Contribution: Learning As A Sales Team,” how sales teams can go beyond working day to day as individuals, and learn together as teams. Lessonly is modern team learning software used by over 650,000 learners at more than 350 companies to translate important work knowledge into Lessons that accelerate productivity. Sales teams across the world use Lessonly to reinforce best practices, accelerate rep performance, and close more deals. Support teams across the world use Lessonly to serve customers faster, drive consistent support, and elevate the customer experience. Lessonly empowers teams like those at Stripe, Birchbox, Modcloth, FiscalNote, Thumbtack and more to learn better day in and day out through their lesson building software, which makes Conner an expert on today’s topic.

As the COO at Lessonly, Conner Burt is leading the way in helping companies succeed in streamlining access to their team’s work knowledge. Lessonly’s modern LMS helps more than 400 companies capture this information as step-by-step lessons that are easy to assign, measure, search, and update. In his past, Conner bootstrapped a startup that was acquired by ExactTarget and then Salesforce, and played soccer at Butler. He also enjoys the good life by fly fishing, hiking, and getting outdoors whenever possible!

In today’s episode, Conner joins us to discuss beyond individual contribution: learning as a sales team. As we all know, sales is fiercely competitive and not just between competing companies. Often times the best reps will hoard their knowledge or simply keep it to themselves unless the culture around them supports and prompts learning together. As both a student and teacher of sales and learning cultures, Conner shares with us some ideas on how teams can break this conundrum and proactively and constructively learn together to sell better. This podcast is packed with tactical ideas and step by step suggestions here. Remember, the whole (of a sales team) is always greater than the sum of its individual (seller) parts.

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