BC Startup Sales Podcast – Client Journey Mapping with Nicolle Paradise (ADP)

BC Startup Sales Podcast – Client Journey Mapping with Nicolle Paradise (ADP)

April 29, 2020

This week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Nicolle Paradise, Senior Director of Client Experience at ADP and a renowned keynote speaker, to discuss “Client Journey Mapping.” Nicolle is a senior leader in the customer success industry, more specifically focused on client experience. She is a well known author and speaker in this space and gave the listeners a great point of view on client journey mapping.

Nicolle Paradise is Senior Director of Client Experience at ADP. She has been architecting, measuring, scaling, and leading client-centric organizations for 15+ years that deliver value for clients, profitability for shareholders, and inspire associates. Prior to ADP, she was Head of Customer Success for a Silicon Valley FinTech SaaS company that helped retail banks optimize pricing for both deposits and lending.

Nicolle resides in San Francisco, California with her husband. She is an accomplished keynote speaker, Head of CX for TEDx San Francisco, and has had the good fortune to travel to all 7 continents. Her Bachelor’s Degree is in Business Management and additional information can be found at nicolleparadise.com.

Readers of this blog know how important customer success is and how we view it in the context of building a great early stage company. Client journey mapping is not something that is super obvious to most of our audience. Therefore, we dove right into it on the podcast. We set the framework and define what it means. We discussed how to actually execute it at your company. Timing is important for client journey mapping, so we examined when exactly a founder should think about doing this. We covered value levers and details on the people that tend to own this exercise for your organization. Finally, we talked through some businesses that do this well and those that do not.

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