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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Coaching Your Employees Through Their Career Path with Trenton Truitt (Wizeline)

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Loren Straub

April 23, 2020
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This week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Trenton Truitt, SVP of Worldwide Sales and Customer Success at Wizeline to discuss “Coaching Your Employees Through Their Career Path.” Wizeline transforms how teams build technology. Its customers accelerate the delivery of innovative products with proven solutions, which combine Wizeline’s intelligent product strategy and road mapping software with full-stack, agile development services. With decades of experience building disruptive technology in the heart of Silicon Valley, Wizeline’s team shares a proven track record of enabling companies to achieve breakthrough results with software and services. Customers of Wizeline include some of the fastest-growing software companies, as well as many of the world’s most established brands, including News Corp, Yahoo!, Sparkcentral, Nuance and many others.

Trenton Truitt is SVP of Worldwide Sales and Customer Success at Wizeline. He has over 20 years of experience across all aspects of sales. Prior to Wizeline, Trenton was the VP of Worldwide Sales at PagerDuty. In that role, he was responsible for global revenues and customer success. He started his career as an Account Manager at Parametric Technology Corporation, where he got his start in sales. Trenton graduated from California Maritime Academy with a degree in Business Administration.

In today’s episode, Trenton joins us to discuss how to find, nurture, and value a mentor relationship. Trenton kicked off the topic by explaining why mentoring and coaching are important to him. He emphasized the need to engage mentors and follow through on their advice. He uses anecdotes from his own life and draws from past experiences with both mentors and mentees. He also talked about the differences of formal and informal mentoring. For Trenton, informal mentorships are key. This led to a more in-depth conversation on how Trenton mentors and coaches his own people. First, Trenton reviewed the process by which he coaches his employees and then discussed how he operationalizes that experience. He also described that many of his meetings with mentors are informal ranging from lunches to one-on-ones. As Trenton’s gains more mentors, he described how he thinks through allocating time to each individual and how he adjusts his style depending on the person. With that, he provided a few examples that allow listeners to visualize the process. Next, Trenton mentioned the importance of holding mentees accountable to their metrics and goals. As the program continued, Trenton described how he provides curbside coaching and keeps his team on track to reach goals. He also touched on how mentoring and formal training for salespeople tie together and how this was set up at Wizeline. To close out the session, Trenton discussed training and tools to help coach teams.

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