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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Communicating With Product Teams As An Early Seller with Blake Guerrero (Pendo)

Communicating With Product Teams As An Early Seller with Blake Guerrero (Pendo)This week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Blake Guerrero, VP of East Sales at Pendo, to discuss tips for “Communicating With Product Teams As An Early Seller.” Pendo is a product experience platform that helps software product teams build software users love. By combining product analytics with qualitative feedback, Pendo helps product teams make informed decisions about what they are building and for who, and then provides contextual guidance, help, and communication so their users get the most value. Pendo’s customers include Yext, OpenTable, Emma, Zendesk, MetLife, and more.

Blake Guerrero is the VP of East Sales at Pendo. Prior to Pendo, Blake was a sales leader at Mixpanel and cut his teeth at Salesforce too. A California native now living in NYC, Blake’s sales career has spanned both tech companies big and small, and he actually started off as an engineer before heading deeper into the world of sales.

In today’s episode, Blake and I discuss the ins and outs of what it means to be one of the first sellers in your organization. How does a seller communicate back to his or her product team what he or she is seeing the market? We cover that and more. Blake was the second seller at Mixpanel and is a current sales leader at Pendo, both of which sell their software products into engineers and product managers at some of today’s leading software companies, so he’s well-versed in this conversation. In addition to internal conversations with your own product team, Blake and I also chat on what it means to be a seller whose main buyer is on a product team within a target customer profile. Blake answers questions around how to prioritize customer feedback, how product teams view the ROI of the products they’re buying into, and more.


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Andrew Oddo
Andrew Oddo
Andrew is the former Director of Growth at Bowery Capital based in New York. He is currently a Director at Silicon Valley Bank. Prior to joining Bowery Capital, Andrew was the Director of Sales at CrowdTangle where he scaled sales and operations leading up to their acquisition by Facebook in 2016. Previously Andrew was at Chartbeat as a sales engineer and strategic account executive, growing relationships with clients like the BBC, Gannett, and NY Times. Andrew concentrated in marketing and finance as an undergrad at Boston College.