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BC Startup Sales Podcast – How to Build a Customer Focused Content Strategy with Georgiana Laudi (Unbounce)

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Loren Straub

April 13, 2020
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This week the Bowery Capital team hosts Georgiana Laudi, the VP of Marketing at Unbounce, to talk about how to build a customer focused content strategy. Unbounce allows users to build, publish, and A/B test high-converting mobile-responsive landing pages for their campaigns without relying on technical teams. In our podcast, Georgiana and I discuss what a customer focused content strategy encompasses, what types of content a company should consider, and how to think about distribution channels early on. She speaks about knowing what will resonate with the audiences you are trying to reach, and whether it makes sense to source content internally or externally. We also dig in on determining the value of your content, and some methods for tracking overall results. Finally, Georgiana takes us through what has worked for her at Unbounce, and some content she has been pleasantly surprised by.

Georgiana is the VP of Marketing at Unbounce, one of Canada’s fastest growing startups having a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Concordia University. Her team more than doubled acquisition, contributing to the doubling of revenue for the company in it’s third year. Prior to joining Unbounce in February 2012, she helped startups and companies like Yellow Pages, AskMen, PartyMart and Sierra Eco launch products and marketing campaigns as a consultant. She also led a fiercely growing community and monthly educational events devoted to inspiring and empowering women in tech.

She began her marketing career in 2003 with Search and Internet Advertising, quickly developed copywriting skills, mastered Social and Content Marketing, and most recently A/B Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization. She has worked with Ecommerce, SaaS, brick & mortar, tech startups, retail and wholesale businesses, for both B2B and B2C markets.

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