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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Developing Culture and Brand at an Early Stage with Ray Carroll (Engagio)

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Loren Straub

April 23, 2020
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This week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Ray Carroll, VP of Sales at Engagio to discuss “Developing Culture and Brand at an Early Stage.” Engagio is a software company that helps B2B marketers drive new business, expand relationships with high-value accounts, and scale their Account Based Marketing programs. Engagio provides data and operations for an account-centric foundation, analytics, and insights to measure engagement, and an orchestration platform to execute integrated ABM plays that drive revenue at every stage of the customer journey.

Ray currently leads all early stage revenue activities at Engagio. Prior to Engagio, Ray spent 7 years at Marketo where he was employee #28 and the 3rd sales hire in the door. Ray helped build framework for the SMB sales organization as a VP, Director, Manager and Individual Contributor. Ray was pivotal in helping grow Marketo from 1M to 10M to 100M+ in ARR. Prior to Marketo, Ray was the 3rd sales hire at, a VC-backed SaaS startup that was later acquired by Callidus Software.

In today’s episode, Ray and I discuss the importance of defining and developing the culture within your organization and a recognizable and respected brand outside of your organization. We begin by discussing why culture and brand should be top of mind for executives in the early days. We then move into how exactly you should think about your culture and who should be in the room as you try to define it. Ray then discusses how you maintain that culture as your team rapidly grows. Ultimately, the conversation shifts to talk about your external brand. We go over the many reasons it is critical to define your brand externally as early as you can. These reasons include everything from boosting your ability to recruit top talent, to shortening your sales cycles because the customer you are pitching has already heard of and respects your brand. We had a great discussion and the chat was action-packed.

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