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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Early Content Marketing for SaaS Startups With Allen Gannett (TrackMaven)

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Michael Brown

April 13, 2020
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This week the Bowery Capital team hosted Allen Gannett, Founder and CEO at TrackMaven, to talk about early content marketing for SaaS startups. TrackMaven monitors activities across 15 digital channels to help marketers understand which content drives engagement and conversion. In our podcast, Allen and I discuss how startups should think about content marketing, how mature they should be before implementing an early content marketing strategy, and the general guidelines for a successful campaign. He speaks about the issues with content marketing early on, and how a lengthy pay-back period can be off-putting to companies seeking more immediate ROI. Allen dives into what worked at TrackMaven, and how they grew their content catalog and viewer base. With a platform that serves marketing leaders from 100’s of the worlds best brands, we are thrilled to have the chance to get Allen’s insight!

At TrackMaven Allen is described as CEO and chief corgi wrangler. Allen advocates for customers across all parts of his company, making sure they build products that people love and make their day easier. In addition, he focuses on company culture, working to build a company of people who love their work and are passionate about marketing. He also serves as a General Partner at Acceleprise Ventures. Previously, he served as CMO of EmployInsight.

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