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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Excelling at High Velocity Sales with Adam Liebman (SinglePlatform)

April 01, 2020
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high velocity salesAdam Liebman, SVP of Sales at SinglePlatform (acquired by Constant Contact), joins us in the studio for this weeks Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast! We’ve also decided to mix up the hosting duties as well, and I was glad to join Adam in the studio this week. Most guests that we have on the show are selling products in the five to six figure range, but there are a bunch of successful startups out there selling lower prices products to SMBs and we wanted to share some advice to them as well. Adam is an expert in high velocity inside sales having started his career as one of the first few sales hires at Yext and then as the person responsible for building SinglePlatforms sales organization from the ground up. Adam talked to us about the many differences between high velocity sales people and their enterprise counterparts, tips for getting SMBs on the phone, and different metrics for measuring the success of your team. We also discuss creation of that first sales script from nothing and how to fine tune it along the way. Adam has worked with many successful high velocity sales people and whether they took the shotgun approach or the sniper approach they got the job done. He shares his advice for personal success as well as building a successful inside sales team. If you and your team are selling an inexpensive product over the phones this is a must listen. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think on iTunes!

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