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Finding The Right Marketing Metrics For Your Team with Bill Macaitis

BC Startup Sales Podcast – Finding The Right Marketing Metrics For Your Team with Bill Macaitis

This week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Bill Macaitis, a former marketing executive from Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce and many more, who continues to advise the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies today. On the podcast we discuss “Finding The Right Marketing Metrics For Your Team,” drawing from the best practices that Bill applied to his extremely successful teams through many stages of growth.

In a marketing world full of more acronyms than the human mind can grasp, and the rise of specialized functions like demand generation and account-based marketing, how do we hone in on proper measurement? In today’s episode, Bill breaks it down for us from A to Z, “beginner” to “expert” level metrics, and methods to get your marketing team on the right track. Deciding what to measure is one thing, but actually capturing the information is another challenge. With this in mind, Bill also takes some time to share his favorite methods with us for capturing data, from NPS and CSAT surveys to in-product analytics and more. Whether you’re brand new to marketing, or a seasoned veteran looking for inspiration, Bill’s advice on how to get your marketing measurement strategy kickstarted is invigorating, fun, and informative. If you enjoyed “Finding The Right Marketing Metrics For Your Team,” learn more below, and make sure to subscribe for a new episode every week!

Bill has a passion for how to scale and structure go-to-market at SaaS companies to achieve hyper-growth with a unique customer centric approach. He spends his day-to-day working with CEOs to design, recruit, interview and build out world class marketing and GTM organizations, and has successfully done so for the likes of Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce and more in recent memory. As an energetic Star Trek and startup fan alike, he’s all about planning for the future, and executing on its foundation today.

Andrew Oddo
Andrew Oddo
Andrew is the Director of Growth at Bowery Capital based in New York. He works directly with our founders to implement strategies, processes, and internal technology to enable their early sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. Prior to joining Bowery Capital, Andrew was the Director of Sales at CrowdTangle where he scaled sales and operations leading up to their acquisition by Facebook in 2016. Previously Andrew was at Chartbeat as a sales engineer and strategic account executive, growing relationships with clients like the BBC, Gannett, and NY Times. Andrew concentrated in marketing and finance as an undergrad at Boston College.