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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Growth Hacking With User Behavior with Bill Hobbs (Totango)

April 09, 2020
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Bill Hobbs (Totango) - Growth Hacking With User BehaviorThis week, Bill Hobbs joined us in the Bowery Capital studio to discuss “Growth Hacking With User Behavior.” Bill is the VP of Sales at Totango, a leading customer success management platform and a company deeply steeped in the importance of user behavior.

Growth hacking is an overused term but we take it here to mean tips and tricks you can use as an early-stage founder or employee to win more customers faster and keep them longer. What we’ll talk about today is how to use your existing or past users’ behavior in product to drive or improve growth hacking techniques. You might be familiar with the fact that you can use product engagement data to reduce churn, improve trial conversion and drive upsell / cross-sell (if you aren’t, I’m sure Bill and his colleagues at Totango would be happy to tell you). But we’ll discuss how you can take growth hacking a level deeper through the micro-segmentation of your users or customers by behavior, and also by other potentially relevant factors such as role or industry. These strategies don’t apply just to freemium solutions focused on conversion or post-sales efforts (churn / up-sell & cross-sell) either. If collected properly, user behavior during beta and trial periods can be used to increase close rates. That data is equally valuable in crafting your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), sales scripts, ad / content marketing copy, and much more. As Bill will tell us, successful growth hacking requires a deep understanding of your target user and there’s no better way to develop that knowledge than product engagement data.

Bill’s growth hacking expertise goes back to his first career working with Fortune 500 companies to turn around struggling business lines by restoring rapid revenue expansion. Since then, he’s served on the Board of Advisors to several tech companies, founded two businesses, led sales at Chartbeat, had a cameo in film The Wolf of Wall Street, and became a bestselling author with The Work Book: How To Build Your Personal Brand and Get Hired (check it out here). Today, he advises business leaders to help them master the art of growth hacking: expanding into new markets, growing revenues and building sustainable business models. And of course, as VP of Sales at Totango, he heads up business in the Eastern US and EMEA markets.

In today’s episode, we’ll explore 10+ growth hacking techniques leveraging user behavior that every SaaS salesperson, marketer, customer success rep and early-stage founder should consider.

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