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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Hiring Your First BDR with David Aronica (Splash)

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Loren Straub

April 23, 2020
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hiring your first bdrThis week, the Bowery Capital team hosted David Aronica, Business Development Manager at Splash to discuss “Hiring Your First BDR.” Splash is an event marketing platform that enables users to create event experiences. The end-to-end Splash platform empowers users to create memorable event experiences through beautiful design, powerful planning and analysis tools, and meaningful integration of email marketing and social media. Splash enables brands like Facebook, Spotify, Salesforce and Anheuser-Busch to attract more of the right people, easily scale out their process and workflow, and capture the 1000’s of data points every live event throws off, to inform future events and rest of your marketing mix.

David Aronica is a Business Development Manager at Splash. He has experience managing and building out business development teams. Prior to Splash, David was a Business Development Manager at Parsely. He started his career in project management and marketing at Business Genome Partners and The Ashforth Company, before shifting to sales. David graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Policy Analysis.

In today’s episode, David joins us to discuss hiring your first BDR. He initiated the conversation by providing his opinion on whether managers should spend more time training or hiring new BDR’s. In the past, he’s spent time hiring too many new BDR’s, which led to layoffs due to the fact he didn’t have the time to train them and invest in his team. David discusses hiring veteran versus younger, millennial BDR’s and what he sees as the ideal business development representative candidate. Initially, he hired veteran BDR’s that he thought could fall in love with the product and wanted to move up quickly in the organization. He allows these more senior BDR’s to see the metrics and parameters upon which they are ranked on per month. David goes on to discuss hiring millennial BDR’s and the keys to managing them. David looks for solution-oriented, tenacious personalities that are coachable in these younger hires and he makes it his goal to embrace all individual learning styles as a manager. When it comes to both veteran and millennial BDR’s, David believes that being completely transparent about expectations leads to relationships where new hires trust him and understand why he does what he does. He touches on the mistakes he’s made in scaling out his teams in the past, among them: not training ramped up reps, not providing clarity around what it takes to get promoted, and only looking at numbers instead of investigating the deeper issue. David’s final thoughts on hiring your first BDR are to invest in them, since they are the future of your organization.

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