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BC Startup Sales Podcast – How To Differentiate Your Product When Selling Into A Crowded Space with Omar Divina (HyperScience)

April 23, 2020
Omar Divina 001

This week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Omar Divina, VP of Sales and Customer Success at HyperScience, to discuss “How To Differentiate Your Product When Selling Into A Crowded Space.” HyperScience is an artificial intelligence company specializing in the automation of office work for Global 2000 companies and government organizations. Their machine learning software takes over menial work that people are doing today and frees employees to focus on more complex tasks.

Omar Divina is the VP of Sales and Customer Success at HyperScience. He has spent his career helping individuals, teams, and organizations discover how to use new technologies to drive business performance. Prior to HyperScience, he was the General Manager and Head of the NYC office for Betterworks where he was responsible for establishing the NY office as a strategic regional hub for the company across multiple functional areas: Sales, Customer Success, Support, and Solutions Engineering. Before Betterworks, Omar was the RVP of Sales at Badgeville for 2 years, where he was directly responsible for closing more than $1M in ARR in the first year of the NY office.

In today’s episode, Omar starts off by walking us through the importance of cutting through the noise in a crowded space. He explains that the best way to learn product market fit is to have as many prospect calls as possible to properly position the solution. He then explains that as the market becomes better educated, buyers focus more on use cases and the business pains that vendors can solve. He notes that it’s imperative that companies remember to focus on what they are trying to solve with their business rather than getting too caught up in the technology. In a space like AI, it’s important to be able to articulate how the tool is utilizing AI and machine learning techniques to continue to explain the value. When it comes to marketing, Omar notes that in a space like enterprise AI with a broad spectrum of vendors, the impulse might be to cast a wide net. However, as the business continues to refine its goals and strategy, it’s important to market to the right decision makers within an organization. He also explains the importance of sales reps being able to say “no” as to allow the organization to align around a core set of products. As the session closes, Omar walks us through the need to make sure that all parts of the business are aligned with the services needed by customers. He emphasized the importance of Customer Success being involved in the sales process, even before the deal is closed to ensure consistency and alignment going into deployment.

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