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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Finding Your Ideal Customer Profile with Daniel Barber (ToutApp)

April 09, 2020
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Customer Profile

Daniel Barber from ToutApp joined us in the studio this week to discuss strategies around “Finding Your Ideal Customer Profile.” An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), on a high level, is the set of attributes that defines those prospects that your business or product line sells into most effectively. Without it, your lead generation and qualification efforts are flying blind. It’s a fairly straightforward concept, and if you’re a salesperson or founder you likely think about your ICP or some form of it every day.

In our podcast this week, we get into the weeds on how to build the actual spreadsheet in which your granular Ideal Customer Profile should take shape. You probably already have a list of accounts that are either already paying or that you know are perfect fits. Building your Ideal Customer Profile is all about picking out the common threads amongst these accounts in order to whittle down your universe of potential customers into actionable leads lists. That takes not only a granular understanding of existing customers, but also a willingness to think outside the box to find third-party data sources that can help you find prospects that might share the common threads that compose your ICP.

Daniel, currently the head of Sales Development & Ops at ToutApp, perfected the art of building an effective Ideal Customer Profile over the course of his career in sales. He’s refined the approach since his early days as an SDR at Responsys (Oracle), and is now guiding the ToutApp sales team on how to grow and maintain the living document that is an ICP. Especially if you’re an early-stage founder or salesperson contemplating where that next set of big deal wins will come from, this podcast is for you. Give it a listen below!

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