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insight selling in the modern market

BC Startup Sales Podcast – Insight Selling In The Modern Market with Bobby Long (Dedrone)

Bobby Long - Insight Selling In The Modern MarketThis week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Bobby Long, VP of Sales at Dedrone, to discuss “Insight Selling In The Modern Market.” Dedrone is the first automated drone security platform; an extension of physical and cyber security into the airspace that protects a vulnerability gap exploited by the advances in consumer and commercial drone technology. Their most notable references include the Clinton-Trump presidential debates, the Suffolk County prison in New York, the Royal Family of Qatar, Citi Field (the New York Mets’ stadium), and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

As VP of Sales at Dedrone, Bobby Long brings extensive experience in selling to the enterprise. Prior to Dedrone, he was the Director of Sales at Highfive Technologies and worked at Meraki prior to its acquisition by Cisco. He began his career as an Executive Sales Representative at Paycom. Bobby graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics.

In today’s episode, Bobby joins us in the studio to discuss insight selling in the modern market and why he takes this approach. First, he talks about the differences between solution selling and insight selling. He defines solution selling as “Sales 101” where you get a deal by finding customer pain points and fitting your solution to those pain points within your prospect’s budget. Bobby sees most companies using solution selling and sees an opportunity to differentiate by using insight selling, which he says allows you to position yourself as a subject matter expert and establish credibility and legitimacy. Bobby says that if you employ insight selling the right way, you form more of a partnership with your prospect or customer, leading to a higher rate of renewals. He discusses the challenges of insight selling and why it’s not for every rep, along with some of the difficulties he’s faced teaching reps how to insight sell and some solutions for getting around them. Finally, Bobby says not to be afraid of making visionary statements during the sales cycle versus just talking about what your product does, and he recommends reading this Harvard Business Review article.


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Alex Adamson
Alex Adamson
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