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BC Startup Sales Podcast - Internal Promotions with Kelly Del Curto (Lever)

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Michael Brown

January 31, 2020
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New week. New podcast! We were back in the studio this week on the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast with our friend Kelly Del Curto from Lever to discuss internal promotions. On our podcast we have covered the importance of creating an internal growth ladder and other topics about internal team-working but nothing specific or deep on how to build out structure and act on internal promotions. Kelly joined us this week to walk through internal promotions and brings a lot of experience to the table. She’s currently the Director of Small Business and Corporate Sales at Lever and worked her way up internally to manage a variety of teams and business lines before her current role.

We started out talking through Kelly’s experience personally and her journey to the topic of internal promotions. We then dove in to some specifics covering the right time to build in an internal promotion structure, how to consider what process a company might employ, and some considerations around announcing this to your team. We talked a lot about first principles here and some culture related items which really are the foundation of being able to even build out programs like this. From this point we moved on to discuss the two main internal promotion motions you tend to see in a SaaS company (depending on organizational design, of course). First, the SDR to AE promotion. Second, the AE to Manager promotion. There are obvious steps or differences in between and we generalized a bit here but still gave some detailed views on how to think about these two buckets. We closed with Kelly on tips and tricks that she has seen and some companies that really handle internal promotions well. Kelly also laid out some things to watch out for. Give it a listen above!

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Kelly is the Director of Small Business and Corporate Sales at Lever – a Talent Relationship Management software company. She currently leads a team of AEs and sales managers focused on high velocity sales. Kelly joined four years previously as an Account Executive and progressed through leadership at Lever. Before joining Lever, she held AE roles with a focus on selling to marketing and social media executives. She got her start in technology as an Enterprise Account Manager for TechValidate, now owned by SurveyMonkey.

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