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Mastering the Complex Enterprise IT Sale

BC Startup Sales Podcast – Mastering the Complex Enterprise IT Sale with Assaf Resnick (BigPanda)

Mastering the Complex Enterprise IT SaleWe were back in the studio this week with a new Bowery team member, Evan McElwain, co-hosting with Jess Bernido for our first-ever 2-on-1 BC Startup Sales Podcast. We were joined by Assaf Resnick, Founder & CEO of BigPanda, to discuss best practices for mastering the complex enterprise IT sale. We spoke about his journey from an investor at Sequoia Capital to starting and scaling BigPanda and the lessons learned along the way.

Assaf Resnick is the Founder & CEO of BigPanda. He enjoys uptime, freetime and cheesecake. Previous to founding BigPanda, Assaf was an investor with Sequoia Capital. He lives in California with his wife and two beautiful kids.

We start the podcast with the backstory behind why Assaf started BigPanda and the pain points he was aiming to solve. We go into the sales process in the early days as BigPanda was coming out of stealth mode, as well as the key early learnings that led to them locking in product market fit. After a year and a half with their initial inside sales strategy, BigPanda took a step back and reflected on which customers were getting the most value out of the platform and shifted their sales strategy towards enterprise. We then covered how to navigate enterprise sales while working on enterprise hardening the product. Assaf expanded on the various steps a company goes through when mastering the enterprise IT sale, and gave us insight into BigPanda’s approach to enterprise sales today and what that sales process looks like. Next, we dug deeper into qualification (i.e. not just asking if a buyer has budget, but digging into whether they have CapEx vs. OpEx and why it matters), followed by how to cultivate champions in a middle-up sales approach. We go into the various stages of an enterprise sale, where people can get stuck, and how to make sure your product is providing meaningful business value. We then get into the importance of scoping a POV to align it to business pain vs. focusing solely on impressive technical specifications. Assaf shared lessons learned as a CEO – touching on topics like identifying great leaders, experimenting with various types of sales backgrounds when building out a team, and also navigating SaaS sales in a world where buyers have lots of CapEx but a scarcity of OpEx (as companies are optimizing for EBTIDA).


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Evan McElwain
Evan McElwain
Evan is the Director of Growth at Bowery Capital based in New York. He works directly with our founders to implement strategies, processes, and internal technology to enable their early sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. Prior to joining Bowery Capital, Evan worked across several teams at Rocketrip including Sales, Strategy & Ops, Product Management, and most recently as the Director of Strategic Partnerships where he led partner channel sales strategy and product partnerships. Previously Evan was at J.P. Morgan in Hong Kong where he advised institutional investors across US and EMEA equity markets. Evan concentrated in Economics and Asian Studies as an undergrad at Cornell University.
Jessica Bernido
Jessica Bernido
Jessica is the Director of Talent at Bowery Capital based in New York. She works closely with our founders on their human capital programs and hiring strategies. Prior to joining Bowery Capital, Jessica was the Head of People and Talent at Rocketrip where she built and led recruiting, human resources and subsequently ran office management. Previously, she worked at a boutique recruiting agency, Clarity, where she focused on corporate recruitment for creative agencies and tech startups, including Wieden+Kennedy, Shutterstock, and Blue Apron. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Business and Commerce, majoring in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations from the University of Western Sydney.