BC Startup Sales Podcast – Optimizing Your Partnerships with Wade Foster (Zapier)

BC Startup Sales Podcast – Optimizing Your Partnerships with Wade Foster (Zapier)

April 23, 2020

This week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Wade Foster, the Founder and CEO of Zapier, to discuss “Optimizing Your Partnerships.” Zapier helps automate the integration of your favorite apps to share data between them, and bring them together. With an app directory of 750+ companies, including Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox, Gmail, and more, Zapier has created a strong network that has become essential to companies big and small that are trying to get the most out of their cohesive tech and tools stacks. Zapier’s current customers include industry leaders like Buzzfeed, Spotify, InVision, Adobe, and the company is growing extremely fast.

Wade is passionate about entrepreneurship and startups, and as the founder of Zapier, he has spent the past six years finding ways to make life easier for the users trying to connect today’s favorite apps. Prior to founding Zapier out of Y Combinator, Wade worked as a leader and manager in email marketing and customer development for a variety of transforming businesses. Wade attended the University of Missouri, where he received a BS in industrial engineering and also received his MBA.

In today’s episode, Wade walks us through the unnecessary ways companies make partnerships hard to accomplish, and some simple strategies to start to build your own network. He explains effective methods for establishing strong partnerships, how to avoid ones that will distract your company, and the ways you can measure success. With the user always in mind, Wade and the rest of the Zapier team are laser-focused on engaging in partnerships for the sake of building relationships that ultimately benefit the end user. Throughout our discussion, he guides us on how to go about tackling this kind of approach.

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