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Organizational Restructuring As You Move Upstream

BC Startup Sales Podcast – Organizational Restructuring As You Move Upstream with Bobbi Jo Price (ClearCare)

This week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Bobbi Jo Price, Head of Sales at ClearCare, to discuss “Organizational Restructuring As You Move Upstream.” ClearCare is a front-to-back office software solution for private duty home care agencies. ClearCare’s web and mobile platform offers scheduling, integrated telephony, two-way caregiver messaging, and marketing tools that help streamline care planning and automate back office tasks. Bobbi joins us to discuss the difficult task of organizational restructuring as you move upstream and how to restructure your sales team for high ACV sales, a process many startups find themselves undergoing as their product moves upstream. She walks us through everything from the differences between low and high ACV selling, the sales team retraining that this transition requires, coordinating sales and on-boarding efforts, and managing expectations across departments. We also talk about when a startup should be looking to hire outside sales talent versus promoting existing members during this transition to enterprise clients. Lastly, we touch upon effective strategies for maintaining employee morale during the ups and downs of this restructuring process. This topic of organizational restructuring as you move upstream comes up a lot and we hope you enjoy it. Listen here, learn more below, and make sure to subscribe for a new episode every Friday!



Bobbi Jo Price Restructuring Your Sales Team for Enterprise Sales with Bobbi Jo Pricehas fifteen years of experience building and managing high performing sales organizations. Prior to ClearClare, she was the Director of Sales at PointClickCare, where she lead PointClickCare’s sales expansion efforts into the Assisted Living Market. Bobbi worked previously in various sales and account executive roles at Granicus, Roth Staffing, Williams & Fudge, and Account Control Technology. Throughout her career in sales, Bobbi has developed good sales people to great sales people, helped two companies find, create, and execute in new markets, and restructured sales organizations to reach top performance.

Alex Adamson
Alex Adamson
Alexandra is the former Director of Talent at Bowery Capital based in New York. She works with the firm's entrepreneurs on their human capital strategies including recruiting, interviewing, compensation planning, sales management, and onboarding. Prior to joining Bowery Capital, Alexandra was the Director of Account Management at Betts Recruiting in San Francisco. She worked closely with founders of high growth software companies including Everstring, Rubrik, Intercom, Apptimize, Zenefits, and Tintri to build out their human capital efforts focused on early revenue generation. Alexandra holds a B.A. in English Language and Literature from The University of Michigan.