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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Outbound Sales Methods And Tools with Kevin Chiu (Greenhouse)

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Michael Brown

April 09, 2020
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Outbound Sales Methods And ToolsMany companies selling SaaS today care a lot about outbound sales methods and tools. We thought we would have one of the best companies in the business on to the podcast this week to speak specifically about the lessons learned and what has worked and not worked. As a result we welcomed Kevin Chiu from Greenhouse Software to the podcast to discuss “Outbound Sales Methods and Tools.”

Kevin currently leads the outbound sales team at Greenhouse consisting over 20 sales development representatives to generate pipeline for the account executive team. He’s one to know about outbound sales methods and tools and we spoke a ton about products and services that Kevin sees as working in the market today.

We start the discussion on the specific outbound methodologies that companies can use to actually go after customers. Kevin talks a bunch about what worked and what did not work for Greenhouse and how their prospecting methods have changed as the company has grown. We then move on to an informed discussion around the tools and sales stack that Kevin has seen deployed in the market by a number of different companies. He gives some key points to think about when you are a young company and deciding on their first pieces of IT. In particular Kevin remains a big fan of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, SalesLoft (a former podcast guest!), and Outreach to power the Greenhouse core sales stack and we discuss each in detail. We mix in a bunch of interesting discussion questions around outbound sales methods and tools such as when to buy lead lists, when to hire revenue generation consulting groups, what an appropriate SDR weekly cadence should be, when to get rid of software that isn’t working for you, and the best resources to inform your thinking on outbound sales methods and tools. Kevin brings up some really interesting points about Salesforce administrators and a core concept at Greenhouse called “Always Be Prospecting.”

All in it was a great podcast with a ton of specific information for any SaaS founder thinking about building their sales stack. Enjoy!

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