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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Partnership Driven Sales Success with Bill Tyndall (inDinero)

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Michael Brown

April 09, 2020
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partnership driven sales successMost early stage folks who listen to our podcast understand very well the positives and negatives of inside versus outside sales. What is less known tends to be the third model of selling, the partner driven sales model. This model is inherently different than either inside or outside sales and requires a very different approach to hiring, onboarding, training, and sales operations to be successful. To touch on the subject of “Partnership Driven Sales Success” we brought on Bill Tyndall from inDinero. inDinero is one our favorite businesses in the SaaS space and has grown to 200+ people and tons of happy customers. They have a very distinct and unique approach to deploying the partnership driven sales model and Bill’s view on the topic was absolutely fascinating. He’s been with the company for over 4 years now and plays a crucial role in all elements of the selling model as head of the NY office in sales and success.

We started the discussion on Partnership Driven Sales Success talking definitions and helping the younger SaaS founders think about when to deploy this model and when to not focus on it. We noted and discussed how the model is very different than general partner programs which is more a business development traction channel rather than the core selling model of your company. We then dove in on how inDinero set up their partner driven sales organization and how they have seen partnership driven sales success. We then talk about what has worked and what has not worked and from there move on to some very tactical components of the sales process aligning to this type of selling model. In particular Bill gives the audience some great points on locating and interviewing the right people to be able to sell within this model, how to correctly onboard these people to succeed in your company, and how to train effectively around the same things. All in, it was another great podcast and we hope you enjoy it.

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