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BC Startup Sales Podcast – SaaS Pricing Strategies That Work with Liz Young (Reonomy)

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Michael Brown

April 16, 2020
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liz young reonomyComing back from the Thanksgiving holiday we were back in the studio this week with Liz Young, the VP of Sales at Reonomy, to discuss SaaS pricing strategies that work. Liz is a dynamic sales leader with experience running global revenue teams and selling sophisticated solutions. She has worked for both publicly traded and large privately held companies and as mentioned above is currently the VP of Sales at Reonomy. Reonomy is focused on revolutionizing the commercial real estate world. The company creates intuitive products designed to help CRE professionals achieve success by easily finding the information they need. By combining comprehensive and validated data with powerful analytics their customers make faster, more informed decisions. Before joining Reonomy, she built and ran the 30+ person sales and marketing team at Breadcrumb Point of Sale. Prior to Breadcrumb Point of Sale, Liz was with Bloomberg focused on various sales and account management roles.

We’ve talked a bunch on the podcast about pricing and in particular have covered discounting and choosing scaling units. However, we have never had someone like Liz on to talk about the broader thinking around product pricing and what strategies work and don’t work. Founders go through a lot of pain in thinking about SaaS pricing strategies and for the most part get this wrong out of the gate. Liz came on to the show to talk through the various approaches of pricing that she has seen work. In particular we cover pricing strategies around research to do, pricing strategies around the frameworks to create, pricing strategies around communicating value, and various stories and lessons from Liz and her current and prior companies.

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