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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Sales Floor Incentives with Stu Wall (Signpost)

April 08, 2020
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Stu Wall from Signpost joined us in the studio this week to chat about the topic of “Sales Floor Incentives” and how to keep your sales team motivated. Check out the stream above or better yet head on over to iTunes and make sure you subscribe to the podcast to get all our new content each week. If you have the luxury of building a 100 person sales team then you are going to have to spend a decent amount of time thinking about how to keep your sales team excited, motivated, and crushing the numbers. Most sales teams use competitions to keep things interesting but there are a number of other considerations you should make when figuring out how to pump up your team. Keeping your team motivated isn’t easy, and Stu came on to really dig in and share his secrets for incentivizing sales teams.

Stu founded Signpost over 5 years ago and along with being CEO he was the first sales person and sales manager and now has over 100 sales people across 3 cities in the US. All in, he knows a ton about the topic of sales floor incentives and has lived and breathed the problem himself day in and day out. I personally love this topic because I’m a competitor myself and I get asked by our portfolio all the time about the best ways to keep their sales team performing at the highest level. If you find yourself thinking about how to keep your sales team energized throughout the entire month then this podcast is for you.

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