BC Startup Sales Podcast – The Sales Team’s Role in Go To Market Pricing with Alex Boyd (RevenueZen)

BC Startup Sales Podcast – The Sales Team’s Role in Go To Market Pricing with Alex Boyd (RevenueZen)

April 29, 2020

This week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Alex Boyd, Founder & CEO of RevenueZen, to discuss tips for figuring out early-stage go to market pricing by way of utilizing your first point of contact with customers: your early sales team! RevenueZen provides companies with on-demand access to the sales and marketing strategies, tools, and teams they need, when they need it. Leveraging data-driven strategies, tools, and processes, RevenueZen’s team of growth leaders, marketing strategists, and sales reps jump-starts a path to scalable growth. Over the past two years, they’ve helped dozens of companies build, optimize, and execute successful growth strategies, augmenting their team by providing critical leadership expertise and experienced frontline reps. RevenueZen’s customers include the likes of Adlink, Andela, Flexreceipts, Silversheet and more.

Alex is the Founder & CEO at RevenueZen where he works with growing companies to help them scale their content marketing, sales development, and lead generation. Prior to RevenueZen, Alex was the Director of Sales at InDinero and has roots in finance and asset management. Alex was born and raised in San Francisco but currently hails from Portland, Oregon. RevenueZen works with startups all over the country, so feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in striking up a conversation with him!

In today’s episode, we discuss with Alex all the ways in which the first sellers on your frontline can help you figure out how to price your product. Alex gives us tips and ideas ranging from how to talk to your CEO as an early seller subjectively, to how to run surveys, measure, and speak with data-in-hand as to how your buyers are feeling about your pricing. We also discuss the role of discounting (a taboo word to some!) and how that can be a useful tool to help sort out pricing points, figure out the true ROI of your product, and uncover how buyers set their budgets. Finally, we chat on early mistakes we all make when pricing and how to avoid those.

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