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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Sales Failure to Sales Success With Matt Bellows (Yesware)

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Loren Straub

April 10, 2020
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This week the Bowery Capital team hosted Matthew Bellows, Founder and CEO at Yesware, to talk about turning sales failure into sales success. Yesware’s suite of sales tools improves prospecting and tracking abilities, leading to more closed deals with less time spent. In our podcast, Matthew and I discuss identifying failures, crafting solutions to turn them around, and then effectively implementing those solutions. He speaks about the definition of sales success, and how long a startup early in their cycle might need to observe before they can accurately judge their situation. Yesware also recently transitioned away from a freemium model, so Matt shares with us exactly how that decision was made internally and how it was executed externally with their customers. We further dug into how to appropriately evaluate customer acquisition alongside paid conversion. Should every new customer brought in be considered a sales success, or merely those who generate revenue? Matthew takes us through what has worked for him at Yesware, and explains how he is continuously testing new strategies, as sales can always be better. Listen here, learn more below, and make sure to subscribe for a new episode every Friday!

Matthew Bellows is CEO of Yesware. He is responsible for sales, product vision and strategic direction of the company. Matthew brings more than 10 years of experience from prior roles as Vice President of Sales at Vivox, General Manager at Floodgate (acquired by Zynga), Founder/CEO of WGR Media (acquired by CNET Networks), and VP of Marketing of Interstep. He arned his B.A from Naropa University and his M.B.A. magna cum laude from The Olin School for Business at Babson College.

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