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BC Startup Sales Podcast – The Three Rooms Concept with Tien Tzuo (Zuora)

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Michael Brown

April 09, 2020
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three rooms of saas web designThis week we had Tien Tzuo of Zuora on to our podcast to discuss “The Three Rooms Concept.” Tien has been a good friend of Bowery Capital for some time and introduced this topic to us at our 2013 CMO Summit. He is one of the best SaaS marketers in the business having served as Salesforce’s first CMO and CSO before founding Zuora in 2007. Today the business is a growing powerhouse in the subscription experience space with over 400 employees, 1000 customers, and $200MM+ in VC funding. Most SaaS founders think long and hard about what their website is going to look like from the outset of the company’s life. But before diving in and then testing and iterating like crazy how do you know what to do? Tien’s Three Rooms concept really gives a great starting point for any emerging SaaS founder.

We first cover with Tien the high level behind The Three Rooms as it relates to designing your SaaS website and how any SaaS founder should be thinking about website design and your overall market at a high level. Most important is how to utilize The Three Rooms concept in SaaS web design in your earliest days as a SaaS founder. We then dig deeper around the Three Rooms and SaaS web design and focus on exactly how each door works with one another and specific ways Tien sees companies translate this well or, in some cases, not so well. We close the discussion on The Three Rooms & SaaS website design with tips and tricks that Tien has seen along the way and also cover how Zuora has evolved it’s own thinking around The Three Rooms and designing your SaaS website. As mentioned, Zuora has gone through this transition several times with web design and Tien talks about how their thinking has evolved on this concept over time towards the end of the podcast.

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